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Foodiverse reaches €311 million in turnover in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.7% over the last 5 years

31 May, 2021
  • Foodiverse strengthens its sustainable growth with a solid commercial commitment in all of the groups units, reaching a total of more than 200 clients in 30 countries
  • As part of an essential sector, the company has demonstrated its commitment to service, while protecting its staff and intensifying corporate social responsibility activity through donations, significantly stepping up its efforts during the pandemic

Valencia, 31 May 2021.– Foodiverse, a multinational company with expertise in creating fresh and healthy foods, has solidified its international expansion after years of intense inorganic growth in Europe, reinforced by the launch of its new corporate brand last September. In 2020, the group obtained a combined turnover of 311 million euro, a small 3.9% decrease compared to the previous fiscal year, though the company remains on its path to growth with a 6.7% CAGR over the last 5 years, showcasing its resilience and sustainability even in challenging years.

As Rafael Boix, CEO of Foodiverse, states,“the pandemic and its consequences have been a major challenge worldwide, creating changes in consumer habits during the lockdowns and due to the different restrictions. In our case, we have stepped up our efforts since we belong to an essential sector, ensuring service for our clients and bringing our healthy revolution to our consumers’ tables, while safeguarding our employees’ health and well-being at all times. We truly want to thank our employees for their dedication and commitment during these challenging times. We are optimists about the company’s future and will continue to be committed to innovation, healthy eating and our people’s professional growth.

Last year, the company’s agricultural business area particularly stood out due to its growth, with a 23% increase in sales compared to the previous year, reaching 93.6 million euro. The fresh and ready area, comprised of the fresh-cut business units, reached a turnover of 190.6 million euro, while baby food and plant-based product areas remained stable with a combined turnover of 25.3 million euro.

Solid commercial commitment based on innovation

At Foodiverse, innovation is a key, cross-cutting concept and the main driver of its growth strategy. This past year, the Group launched more than 130 new products, thus complementing an array of more than 1,000 product references. These new launches also include more environmentally respectful options, as Foodiverse designs its products always with sustainability in mind. Examples of this include a variety of initiatives that are part of the CleveR7 project, including zero plastic packages in BIO products, the use of biodegradable materials, such as cardboard and sugar cane in daily salads, and the new 100% recyclable pouch for baby food products.

This winning value proposition, backed by an intense sales activity, has paid off as Foodiverse today boasts more than 200 clients and is present in 30 markets. Foodiverse made a concerted effort to strengthen the products of Agromediterránea, the group’s agricultural marketer, in Spanish retail, with sales doubling compared to the previous year. The group also landed in the United States and Australia with baby food products, while it gained ground in the Portuguese market, where Foodiverse now holds nearly 15% market share. Foodiverse has also expanded within the vending channel and introduced its plant-based products in the online channel.

Investment in the future

In 2020, Foodiverse completed its investment plan as part of its Growing project with 7.9 million euro aimed at increasing its capacity and continuous improvement in terms of efficiency, quality, and food safety, adding up to a total of 34.6 million euro of cumulative investment over the last 5 years.

Highlights among the investments made last year include the installation of a new bagged salad line in Thurländer in Germany, which will give Foodiverse the capacity to produce more than 25 million annual units, as well as a new production line for ultra-fresh salads in biodegradable packaging. The investments in Josef Müller Gemüse in Switzerland were aimed at creating new fresh-cut fruit facilities, doubling its production capacity in this category and emphasising its leadership in the Swiss market. Novanatura in Italy also installed a new line of salad bowls to enter into the leading segment in the Italian market, while in Spain the company made major investments in all the group’s sites, most notably the adaptation of the Verdifresh fresh-cut plant in Aranda del Duero.

All this was in addition to the company’s firm commitment to digitalisation, a true necessity last year, which helped turn Foodiverse into a liquid and dynamic company, capable of adapting to the challenges of each situation.

A committed company

At Foodiverse, people come first. Throughout fiscal year 2020, the company ensured that its staff, comprising 2,562 people at year end, remained safe and sound. With more than 65 nationalities represented in the group, Foodiverse employs 49.6% women and 50.4% men, and 89% of employees have open-ended contracts. Additionally, in 2020, the company promoted 80 employees internally, reaffirming the company’s commitment to its internal talent.

In a highly challenging year, Foodiverse reinforced its commitment to society. As part of its intense corporate social responsibility activity, the group donated more than 35,000 kg of fresh vegetables and 640,000 product units, among other initiatives.

About Foodiverse                                                                     

Foodiverse is much more than a food company. It is a multinational group, with expertise in preparing fresh and healthy foods, created to revolutionise the market through a wide range of innovative, balanced, and trendy products, all designed and prepared to be enjoyed any time of the day, anywhere you go.

Its activity in the food sector covers the entire production chain, from the seed itself all the way to consumers’ tables. As part of its vision to lead the healthy revolution, the group has added leading companies in its respective markets over the last few years such as the Spanish company Agromediterránea (2014), the German company Thurländer Salate (2018), the Swiss company Josef Müller Gemüse (2019), and the Italian company Novanatura (2019).

Foodiverse currently boasts 9 production plants in Europe and 21 agricultural farms in Spain, where it cultivates 4,000 hectares annually, providing employment to more than 2,500 workers. Sales revenue last year reached a total of 311 million euro. Its line of products features vegetables that come straight from the field, ready-to-eat salads and fresh fruits, as well as baby food and plant-based products, which are distributed to more than 200 clients in 30 countries. The company also boasts three own brands: Sun&Vegs, BIO Sun&Vegs and Byba.

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