A committed company

We plant our seed to create a more sustainable world

We want our growth as a company to be sustainable and responsible. Every year since heir approval in 2015, we have fully renewed our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). From an economic, as well as social, environmental, and nutritional point of view, we have designed a business strategy aimed at extending honest and transparent relationships with the people we interact with each and every day. It’s our way of doing things, the only way we know how.

Commitment to nutrition and health


We are a food company and, as such, our commitment to nutrition and health is our priority and the basis for our healthy revolution. We want healthy eating to be more accessible, easier, and more appetising than ever before. In all of our operations and processes and throughout the entire value chain, we pride ourselves on achieving the highest food safety and quality.

We are committed to the nutritional improvement of our products, promoting a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Rigour and excellence in fulfilling the highest food safety and quality standards.

Hygiene, Order, Cleaning, and Discipline are the requirements that we have set for ourselves as a company.

Commitment to our environment


We care for our environment through ongoing improvements in our agricultural practices, comprehensive logistics planning, and using our resources efficiently. We establish policies to minimise our footprint, and we promote partnerships with various social, business, and industrial associations to generate a positive impact on our environment.

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We promote and practise the 7 Rs of plastic materials, constantly searching for more sustainable alternatives: Redesign, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Renovation, Recuperation, and Recycling.

We use our resources efficiently, complying with all environmental certifications and promoting sustainability actions.

We limit the application of pesticides and fertilisers, leaving zero waste in our products. We are committed to organic agriculture.

Commitment to our people


Foodiverse would not be what it is today without each and every person who is a part of our project. We have an extraordinary team capable of overcoming the greatest challenges in the healthy eating sector, allowing us to become worldwide leaders. That is why Foodiverse is firmly committed to its talent, guaranteeing stable, quality employment and promoting professional development.

+ 2500


89 %

Open-ended contracts

~ 80

Internal promotions

per year

49.57 %
50.43 %

Women / Men

30 %

Leadership positions held by women



We commit to our talent through development programmes for each stage of their professional life.

We are committed to the digital transformation. We are a liquid, dynamic organisation with the capacity to adapt to changes in our environment.

Commitment to financials


At Foodiverse, we want to grow responsibly so that we can be sustainable over time. Therefore, we have created our own Code of Ethics and ensure that we comply with our best practices, procedures, and regulations through our Compliance Department. We pursue to grow in a way where profitability comes first, as we believe this is the only way can provide greater value to our environment and to our shareholders: the drivers and guarantors of our business model.

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We are innovative by nature. We innovate in our products, processes, and distribution channels.

We are a multinational company with a global vision, managed locally in order to respond to the local needs of each area.

We grow responsibly, following solid strategies that allow us to reach our objectives.