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Foodiverse’s global product range is set to fill Fruit Attraction with freshness, innovation, and sustainability

15 September, 2022
  • At the group’s stand, Verdifresh, Agromediterránea, Thurländer Salate, and Comfresh will be presenting an extensive range of straight-from-the-field vegetables, fresh-cut produce, and fresh convenience foods.
  • The group, which is a leader in private label, will be exhibiting the latest innovations from its own brands Freshkia and Sun&Vegs, as well as their complete array of products that ready-to-eat, heat, cook or prepare, and agricultural produce, respectively.

Madrid, 14 September 2022. Foodiverse, a multinational expert in the production of fresh food, will be taking its healthy revolution to Fruit Attraction from the 4th to the 6th of October.

At stand D02 in Hall 7, the group will be presenting its global product range. This includes straight-from-the-field products that are grown, marketed, and distributed by the agricultural firm Agromediterránea under its brand Sun&Vegs, and fresh and ready-to-eat, heat, cook or plate up products made by the fresh-cut produce companies Verdifresh (Spain) and Thurländer Salate (Germany), which are available both under the innovative brand Freshkia and as a private label. These will be joined by fresh convenience foods from the distributor and marketer Comfresh.

Thanks to its established production, sales, and innovation capacity, the multinational group with nine sites in four European countries distributes its products through different channels to a total of 22 markets via more than 400 clients. In 2021 alone, it launched over 220 new products that have been incorporated into its extensive range of more than 2,000 references.

Innovation and sustainability as the key to democratising healthy fresh-cut and ready-to-eat products

Foodiverse’s fresh-cut and ready-to-eat range, made up of fresh products that are ready to eat, heat, cook, or prepare, as well as fresh convenience foods, will be represented by the company’s innovative brand Freshkia.

The group will be showcasing the brand’s full range at Fruit Attraction, including a variety of salad bowls, such as Freshkiterráneas – a pulse-, potato- or pasta-based alternative to lettuce, ultra-fresh Buddha Bowl salads, Microfreshk microwaveable dishes, and a selection of mixed-salad bags. During the trade fair, Freshkia will be presenting the latest recipes in its fresh microwaveable dish range and a new selection of healthy snacks.

Foodiverse will also be exhibiting its range of products aimed at private labels, a sector in which the company is market leader in Spain, Portugal, and Germany through to its subsidiaries Verdifresh and Thurländer Salate. Thanks to the group’s industrial, operational, and logistic capacities, as well as its commitment to innovation, it also offers distributors disruptive products that respond to the latest trends and can be marketed under their own brands. These include novel full-salad recipes – many of them inspired by international gastronomy, such as wraps and pokēs – ultra-fresh salads, bags of ready-to-cook vegetables, and new microwaveable fresh dishes.

The group also offers formats adapted to all channels, whether retail, hospitality, online delivery or vending machines, as well as a wide range of organic produce and options for vegetarian, vegan, and flexitarian diets.

In line with its commitment to sustainability and innovation, Foodiverse provides packaging options that respect the environment while guaranteeing maximum quality, freshness, and, above all, food safety. Among other things, at the stand visitors will see 100% bio-based bags made of a combination of kraft paper and PLA, 100% R-PET or cardboard bowls, and other sustainable accessories such as the bamboo forks provided with full salads so that consumers can enjoy them anytime and anywhere.

Maximum freshness straight from the fields

Over 2,800 hectares of land are managed for Foodiverse by Agromediterránea, enabling them to offer over 35 varieties of vegetables straight from the fields. This allows them to guarantee product availability 52 weeks a year, and to have control over the entire process from the planting of the seeds to the moment the finished product is served up on the consumer’s table.

As the winter season has already started, the Foodiverse stand will be displaying numerous varieties of aromatic herbs, radishes in different formats, and romaine lettuce, both normal and mini, the latter being in high demand in Europe. Products launched during the summer season have also become an integral part of the range, such as Lamuyo peppers, white courgettes, black beauty aubergines, and fresh sweetcorn. Cucumbers are set to be added to this seasonal range from 2023.

Agromediterránea has extensive experience growing and selling courgettes and produces the highest volume of this crop in the Murcia region. During the trade fair, different varieties of this vegetable will be on show, such as green, round, and white courgettes, which are available all year round, and organic alternatives that the company offers during the winter season. A further variety is the yellow courgette which is still in its trial phase.

For its straight-from-the-field range, Foodiverse also boasts innovative packaging solutions that are alternative to plastic, such as cellulose or kraft paper combined with PLA, as well as more sustainable plastics options, such as POP (Prevented Ocean Plastic) packaging, which is made from plastic recovered from the oceans by people at risk of social inclusion. The company also makes use of lighter packaging.

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About Foodiverse                                                                     

Foodiverse is much more than a food company. It is a multinational group, with expertise in preparing fresh and healthy foods, created to revolutionise the market through a wide range of innovative, balanced, and trendy products, all designed and prepared to be enjoyed any time of the day, anywhere you go.

Its activity in the food sector covers the entire production chain, from the seed itself all the way to consumers’ tables. In its vision to lead the healthy revolution, over the last few years the group has incorporated leading companies in their respective markets such as the Spanish companies Agromediterránea (2014) and Comfresh (2021), Thurländer Salate (2018) in Germany, Josef Müller Gemüse (2019) in Switzerland, and Novanatura (2019) and OrtoVerde (2021) in Italy.

Foodiverse currently boasts 9 production plants in Europe, a distributor and marketer in Spain, and 17 farms throughout Spain and Italy where the company manages over 2,800 hectares every year and provides employment for more than 2,500 people. The group’s product range consists of vegetables straight from the fields and fresh-cut produce, including salads and ready-to-eat fresh fruit, ready-to-cook or heat vegetables and dishes, as well as vegetable drinks and snacks, which are distributed to more than 400 clients in 22 countries. It has its own brands: Freshkia and Freshkia BIO, Sun&Vegs and BIO Sun&Vegs.

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