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Francisco Sánchez Ocerin, new Managing Director of Agromediterránea

15 October, 2021
  • The company, which grew by 23.6% in 2020 compared with the previous year, has appointed the former Deputy Director at Kölla Valencia who, among other things, has occupied the role of Fresh Produce Procurement Director at Carrefour, as well as Director at Socomo
  • He is taking over this role from Jesús Gómez, who has become the new CEO of Foodiverse, the group to which Agromediterránea belongs

Murcia, 15 October 2021. Agromediterránea, a company specialised in the production and distribution of fresh vegetables, has announced today the appointment of Francisco Sánchez Ocerin as the new Managing Director. Sánchez Ocerin has more than 20 years of experience in the fruit and vegetable distribution sector, occupying until now the post of Deputy Director at Kölla Valencia and having previously worked as Fresh Produce Procurement Director for Carrefour and Manager of Socomo.

I am extremely excited to be taking on this new role. Our challenge is to keep up the work carried out in recent years and establish Agromediterránea as a reference in the world of agriculture thanks to the variety of high-quality products, endorsement of innovation and commitment to sustainability. I am sure that with the support, hard work and dedication of the more than 1200 employees who make up our team, we will achieve our goals,” explained Francisco Sánchez Ocerin.

Sánchez Ocerin will be joining Agromediterránea in place of Jesús Gómez, who is moving on to become CEO of Foodiverse, the group that owns this agricultural company based in Dolores de Pacheco.

These appointments have come about under Foodiverse’s new strategic plan for 2022–2025, which also includes the incorporation of David Navas as the group’s new Business Development Director, bringing his international experience in companies such as Allianz or the Spanish supermarket chain Supermercados Dia.

Strategic plan for 20222025

This change in the management structure aims to take Agromediterránea and the rest of the Foodiverse business units to a whole new level in their development and growth strategy, all within the scope of the company’s new strategic plan for 2022–2025 entitled “Horizon 2025”.

Foodiverse’s main challenges are to become established as one of the main players in Europe in the market of fresh, healthy products through organic, sustainable growth, both on a national and international scale, and to explore which inorganic growth opportunities might be of interest to them to achieve this goal.

A major theme of this strategy is innovation, one of the group’s identifying features. In fact, last year, Foodiverse launched more than 130 new products, thus complementing an array of more than 1,000 product references. These launches also include more environmentally-friendly packaging options, as the company has designed the products with sustainability at the forefront.

As far as Agromediterránea are concerned, their aim is to secure their position as one of the main agricultural companies in Europe. Despite the difficulties posed within the context of the pandemic, the agricultural company ended 2020 having grown both in terms of sales and turnover thanks to new customers and products. Their achievements in the national market were particularly positive, doubling the results of the previous year. More specifically, they ended the last business year with a total turnover of 93.6 million euros, which is up by 23% from 2019.

Currently, the products that the company grows and sells are available in 25 European companies, and 30.4% of production is aimed at international markets.

Their main projects for the future include: launching new vegetable varieties adapted to consumer demand such as round courgettes and baby leaves; continuing to extend the organic BIO range; growing crops more efficiently by saving water and reducing the use of fertiliser by means of micro sprinkler systems or by installing soil moisture sensors; and by using more sustainable packaging and eliminating the use of plastic wherever possible.

About us:

Agromediterránea, part of the Foodiverse group, is a company that specialises in the cultivation and preparation of vegetables straight from the fields. Their work is based on highly regarded values such as innovation, quality and sustainability, which constitute a process that has a significant social impact: the healthy revolution.

Whilst holding on to its country roots, the company has adapted to respond to the challenges of the 21st century. To that end, they develop global solutions adapted to the needs of every customer and market.

Agromediterránea works with the main European supply chains, has over 4,000 hectares of field crops and, from their production centre located in Dolores de Pacheco (Murcia, Spain), they produce around 500 product references in different formats, packaging and weights. This includes a wide range of organic products with eco-labels.

In addition, the company has a range which is marketed under the brand name of Sun&Vegs.

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