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Foodiverse has recreated the production process from the seed to the finished product using virtual reality

29 September, 2021
  • Through an interactive, virtual reality experience, the company offers the opportunity to see first hand how a seed is transformed into a fresh, ready-to-eat product.
  • This activity will be featuring at the trade fair alongside the brand Sun&Vegs a wide range of colourful fresh and ready-to-eat products with new highlights such as pattypan squash, yellow courgettes and purple radishes

Foodiverse, a multinational expert in the production of fresh, healthy food will be giving visitors at Fruit Attraction the chance to play a leading role in the healthy revolution. The company will be bringing a virtual reality experience to the fair that recreates the process in which a seed is transformed into a fresh, healthy, ready-to-eat product.

Those taking part in this innovative experience will be accompanied at all times by a virtual field technician called Fedra, who will guide them on their journey into the heart of the Foodiverse universe. The nursery, the Centre for Agricultural Innovation, the Farmitank where vegetables are farmed vertically, open-air farms and the processing plants of the ready-to-eat range are just some of the places that they will be able to visit and where they will be able to interact, for example, by planting or harvesting vegetables.

A themed area will be set up where visitors can find out about work processes, innovative farming methods, techniques to reduce water consumption in the different processes, facilities with cutting-edge technology and tools to guarantee the quality, safety and traceability of every product.

This interactive, virtual activity complements Foodiverse’s appearance at the Fruit Attraction trade fair where, through the brand Sun&Vegs, the company will be showcasing its new fresh and ready-to-eat products. At stand D-04 in hall 7, the brand will also be cooking before a live audience to show how these products can be used in healthy recipes that visitors will then be able to taste.  

Colour and sustainability

At Fruit Attraction the company will be focusing on two key themes: colour and sustainability. The colour is provided by the vegetables, ranging from green broccoli, purple radishes, the new yellow courgette and yellow sweetcorn grown in the fields and greenhouses, through to red oak leaf lettuce.

Sustainability, a value that is applied to all areas of the company, is reflected in an organic range that is expanding year after year. Marketed under the brand BIO Sun&Vegs, it includes a wide range of certified organic products such as green courgettes, broccoli, broccoli florets, iceberg lettuce, sweetcorn and radishes.

All of the packaging is also sustainable. At Fruit Attraction, Sun&Vegs will be showing the progress made in the reduction of packaging weights and through the introduction of new formats with a fundamental premise: to always use recycled material that is fully recyclable. The innovations that will be on show include plastic-free formats that guarantee food quality and safety such as trays made of cardboard or wrapped in tape made of kraft paper.

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Hall 7 Stand D-04